With over 600 million blogs in the world today, i will describe “competition for traffic in google as “survival of the fittest” the big dogs always win the game.

Check your google, type anything and check the blogs or website ranking at top 10. These are the big dogs. these guys has been in the game for years delivering great content non-stop. They have hundreds of blogs linking to them which builds up a huge backlinks. So, when it comes to competing for traffic in google, beginner bloggers doesn’t stand a chance.

They will tell you to master your SEO, use keywords and what about backlinks? All these are fantastic but at the of the day, the big dogs takes all the traffic leaving us the “beginners” to scramble for crumbs like birds scrambling for foods.

Pinterest is a genuine game-changer. With over 320 million active monthly users: bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, small and large business owners, especially the beginners doesn’t have to depend solely on google to drive traffic to their site. With the pin app, you don’t have to rank top on google SERP or have tons of backlinks to drive a considerably amount of traffic to your site.

Although, there’s a growing competition on pinterest( from 150 million active monthly users in 2016 to over 320 million monthly active users in 2020) all the players operate on a level playing field, i personally think so. Pinterest gives everybody a fair portion of traffic.

There’s a shift in traffic hunting – pinterest is the the new ship and everybody is trying to get in. Bloggers, affiliate marketers, freelancers, small and large business owners understands that when it comes to online business, traffic is of paramount importance. They also understand how competitive and difficult it is to get those traffic required to drive sales from google and that’s why they are all turning to pinterest.

Apart from creating a new opportunity for people to drive traffic to their site, pinterest has created a whole new opportunity for virtual assistant. People are busy, traffic is not the only factor that determines the success of a site – there are tons of other things to do.

There are piles of work on the desk hence most people can’t afford to spend 1-3 hours everyday pinning, repinning, designing pins, scheduling, researching keywords, reviewing analytics etc. So, they want someone who can take up this task in exchange for a fee and that’s where pinterest virtual assistant comes in.

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What is a pinteret virtual assistant

Pinterest virtual assistant is a person who takes up pinterest related task in exchange for a fee. They are typically hired by clients to start, promote and manage a pinterest account.

What does a pinterest virtual assistant do?

A pinterest virtual assistant are typically hired by clients to perform task like:

Design and create pins

This will probably be your main task. As a pinterest virtual assistant, you’ll will be required to create eye-catching pins.

The pins should be created exactly the way your clients envision it and the design ought to be appealing to the target audience. Two things to keep in mind when creating a pin are colors and custom typography.

Colors influence people’s mind and emotions and can sway them to click on the pins thereby driving traffic to your clients site. At the other hand, typography can either make or break your message. Typeset in the pins should be enticing but not deluding and the text font should be bold enough to make it easier to read.

You must have heard of rich pins – what is rich pins? Well, from the horse’s mouth “Rich pins are type of organic pins that automatically sync informations from your website to your pins” there are basically three types of rich pins: product rich pins, recipe rich pins and article rich pins. Depending on your client and their their niche, you’ll be required to use any of these three. As a pinterest virtual assistant, you have to learn about rich pins and how to apply them correctly

Write image description

These goes hand-in hand with creating a pin. The text on the pin maybe compelling but adding a description is a decided plus and i personally think a pin is incomplete without a description because the main element of a pin are the headline, image and description.

What is a pin description? pin description is simply a text that appears below a pin. It’s like a “peep through” feature offered by amazon when purchasing an e-book. It tells people what to expect when they click on the pin.

If you are a bit familiar with google SEO, you must have come across “meta description”. Primarily it provides a brief summary of an article and it’s always compelling and keyworded to increase click through- rate which as a result could improve your ranking in google.

Pin description function similarly to meta description. it should be compelling, keyword-rich,succinct and most importantly straight forward. As a pinterest VA, you’ll be required to write a pin description.

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Schedule pins

After designing an eye-catching pins and writing a perfect descriptions, the next task you will face as a pinterest VA is to pin, repin and schedule pins to be published in a later date.

Everybody understands that if you want to get ahead on pinterest you have to post fresh pins and repin several other pins each day – as a pinterest virtual assistant, you’ll be typically hired to perform this task. The negative aspect of pinning and repinning every day is that it’s time consuming if you do it manually and as a pinterest VA, you have to maximize your time to earn more.

What if you can push the time-consuming task off on a software or tool? Yes you can. Tailwind can do the job for you, happy? Well you should be. Tailwind is the most powerful tool in the internet when it comes to scheduling. Wait, are you exaggerating? Nope, i’m serious. You select the pins, the time and the date then tailwind pins then to your board at the schedule time – probably while you sleep or busy with other things. Tailwind has a pinterest approval.

Tailwind is cost-effective and as a matter of fact, your first 100 pins are free . After that you will pay $9.99/month if you’re suscribing for a year or $14.99/month if you opt for prepaid option.

Knowing when to pin on pinterest is as important as designing and writing a perfect pin description. As a pinterest virtual assistant you have to know when your audience are around to boost your engagement. According to studies, the best time of the day to post on pinterest is 8pm-11pm and 2am-4am. What about the best day of the week? well, the best day of the week to post on pinterest is saturday.

Join group boards

Pinterest boards are just like a shelves – different racks for different collections. You create a board, let’s say the board’s name is “saving money” then you add any pin related to “saving money” to the board

Group boards are different from personal boards – In your personal board you’re the only contributor. In contrast, group boards have many collaborators. You can also change a “personal board to a “group board” by inviting people to join.

The easiest way to double your audience on pinterest is to join group boards relevant to your niche and that’s why group board is such a big deal on pinterest. For example, when you pin independently( adding pins to your personal boards with no collaborator) your pins stands a chance of being seen by your followers only and probably show up on pinterest top page if it has enough engagement and repins. At the other hand, if you join a group board that’s relevant to your niche and add pins on that board – your pins will stand a chance of being seen by your followers, the board’s owner followers and collaborator’s thereby skyrocketing your reach.

As a pinterest VA, you’ll will be tasked to find and join group boards relevant to the blog or business you’re working with.

Other task

You may also be required to set up and maintain pinterest business account, run campaign and keep track of results and also keep track of trends for digital marketing.

Pinterest virtual assistant salary

Typically, pinterest virtual assistant could earn around $3000 monthly charging $15-$50 hourly. There are two factors that determines how much you should charge as pinterest VA.

The level of your experience

As a newbie you may consider charging $15-$25 hourly but as you gain more experience, you can increase your rate to $50 hourly.

The service you offer

Different task have different rates.Some task takes more time and creativity than others. For example, you can charge $5 per pin design but the rate goes up when it comes to helping clients set up a pinterest business account.

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Pinterest virtual assistant course

How do i become a virtual assistant on pinterest? Well, there are two answers to the question:

Join a course and launch your pinterest virtual assistant business in less than a month. The course will equip you with everything you need to become a successful pinterest VA. It also provides free clients lead which will help you get clients in less than two months to offset the program cost and start earning $2000+ 

The second answer to the question is to decide to do it on your own. Setting out as pinterest virtual assistant without taking a course may take up to 8 months of trial and error.

As the saying goes “You do not teach the paths of the forest to an old gorrila” Kristin and Gina are the “old gorrila” and pinterest VA is the “forest”. The point i’m trying to make is that Gina and Kristin knows every nook and cranny of this business.They will give you, in the course, the necessary coaching and materials required to launch your pinterest virtual assistant business from scratch.

You don’t need to be a pinterest savvy or have a blog to be a successful pinterest VA. Gina and Kristin has set the wheels in motion – just hop in and have a good ride.

Other bonus from pinterest VA course             

1. Client leads

2. Private training with tailwind

3. Client on boarding workbook 

4. Promoted pins training + onboarding workbook

5. Clients analytics template

6. Pinterest VA invoice templates

7. PVA + Clients journey workbook

8. 60-day Tailwind credit

9. Life time access to the program + free updates to the materials

I’m not in the state to disclose all the bundles and bonuses that comes with the course. What i just mentioned here is the tip of the ice berg. I recommend you purchase this course.

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Is pinterest virtual assistant legit?

Yes, pinterest virtual assistant is 100% legit. What is a scam? According to wikipedia a scam is an “attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence“. From all angles, pinterest VA does not fit in that category. Millions of blogs and businesses need help to boost their traffic from pinterest and you’re simply offering that help.

How can i promote my pinterest VA business?

Your business will come to a halt in no time if no one knows it exist. Promotion is one of the keys to success in business – it brings in more clients and ensures profitability. To keep your business afloat, you need to get in front of potential clients through promotions. 

I have taken time to go into details on how you can successfully promote your pinterest VA business with little or no money.

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Wrapping up

Are you a pinterest virtual assistant or you are interested in becoming one? let me know in the comment. The comment box is also open for more contribution and questions.

If you found this article helpful, i would really appreciate if you would share it to help others.

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