According to sixclaps research, pinterest is one the big three traffic giant, along with google and facebook that drive insane organic traffic to blogs and website.

Although pinterest is an amazing traffic source, creating and managing a pinterest account, especially for the purpose of driving traffic to blog and website can be time consuming. For this reason, bloggers and businesses outsource this task to a pinterest virtual assistant in order to focus on other important task such as creating new content, strategising, analyzing and planning new ways to improve service and product quality.

With over 150 million blogs and website on pinterest, pinterest VA is growing bigger everyday as a legitimate way to make money online. However, to make money online as a pinterest virtual assistant, you’ll need to find clients. How do you find this potential clients? Here are few ways to successfully promote yourself as a pinterest VA in order to effectively reach your target audience.

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Have a blog

To stand on a higher ground as a pinterest VA, it’s imperative to have a blog. One of the advantage of having a blog as a pinterest VA is that it positions you as expert. In addition to positioning, it serves as an e-portfolio where everything related to you as a pinterest VA can be found: list of references, a sample work, a mission statement, communication line, e-business card.

Blog can significantly increase your reach with your employer. The blog should be focus on the skill you have as a pinterest virtual assistant. On your way as a pinterest VA you will acquire some skills – teach them. Create course, e-books and blog post to share your skills, success and failures.

Apart from serving as a fantastic portfolio, your blog can make money for you passively through affiliate marketing and advertisement as you progress on your journey as a pinterest VA

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Create a compelling “HIRE ME” page

After launching your blog as a pinterest VA, creating a compelling “HIRE ME” page is very crucial to the success of your business. It’s where you convert an uninterested or semi-interested prospect into a loyal clients.

What is “HIRE ME page? Hire me page is simply a dedicated page on your blog or website that list all the service you’re inclined to offer.This is where a prospective client find relevant information about you – contacts, qualifications and probably relevant links to your previous work. It should focus on benefits – what impact have your service had on your clients? how has it help to improve your clients business? It should be compelling and clearly explain what service and skills you have.

Testimonials add credibility and boost your persuasiveness considerably. Including testimonials in your “HIRE ME” page is also a fantastic pitch strategy because people are twice as likely to hire you if they see you have completed the same task they are interested in for someone else. 

If people can vouch for your service, you’re 50% more likely to get hired. What if i’m a beginner with no testimonial? Well, it’s part of the process. As you go on with your business as a pinterest VA, it’s a must you’ll get testimonials. You can always edit your “HIRE MEpage to add your testimonials when you have one.

Make it easier for people to reach you. it’s easy to just add your email and call it a day but if you’re serious about your business, it’s important to make it easier for a prospective client to reach you. Include as many contacts options as possible-emails, business phone number and a link to other platforms you active on. You can also include a contact form on your “HIRE ME” page so that potential clients can fill the form without leaving the page or logging into their email account which may take time.

After setting up a “HIRE ME” page , share the link on social media( facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, linkedin and other relevant platforms) Include the link on your pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram or linkedin bio.

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Have a pinterest business account

When it comes to promoting yourself as a pinterest VA, i can’t stress enough how important it is to have a pinterest business account. I mean how can you be a pinterest virtual assistant without having an account with pinterest, who does that?

Apart from serving as a portfolio, having a pinterest business account raises your profile amongst bloggers and businesses who may need your service. Also, it generates traffic to your blog which may result in affiliate sales and ads income.

As a beginner you may be worried that your few followers and low monthly views on your pinterest account will drive potential clients away.Well, i used to believe that and that’s why i always advice my students to put up this statement on their profile.

“Starting out as a pinterest VA with a brand new account, 2 months now( you can change this to your own date)

This works like magic because your potential clients will see the progress you’ve made promoting your own account in such a short time. This can also boost your chance of being hired.

Also, your pinterest account will serve as a training ground to try out different techniques which you’ll normally not do using a client account.

As a pinterest VA, your pinterest stats could boost your chance of being hired because it’s the first thing a potential client looks at when they view your profile. So, do all you can to boost your pinterest  stats.

I would highly recommend purchasing Carly’s pinterest strategies to skyrocket your stats in just few months. It works like magic. Using the system in her book, carly skyrocketed her stats to 200,000 page views in just few months. This is a blog page views not her pinterest account monthly views. Her pinterest account monthly views is much higher than 200,000 views which is what you need.


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Use other social media platforms

Your target audience could be hanging out on other social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin and quora. So, you need to leverage this opportunity to expand your reach.

Connect with bloggers and businesses through their blogs or websites. Check the social media platforms connected to their blog or website and follow the link to their  profile. Follow them and send a personalized message telling them about your service. Politely ask them to reach out to you if they need assistance as regards to pinterest. This strategy is most effective with twitter and facebook.  

Another way to promote your service using facebook is to join relevant facebook group( not just any group, bloggers group) Contribute effectively to the group and advertise your service on the side. Facebook group can also be a fantastic traffic source if you have a blog. Make sure to adhere to the rules and regulations of the group to avoid being kicked out.  

Also consider hanging out on quora, answering pinterest and traffic related questions and promoting yourself using that means.

You might also be missing out on expanding your reach if you’re not using linkedin to market your pinterest VA business. One thing i like about linkedin is that it’s business oriented which means  bloggers and businesses who might need help with their pinterest account are likely to be there. As a pinterest virtual assistant, it’s important you have a presence on linkedin.

Promote through paid ads

Ads can fast track the process and get your business in front of thousands of potential clients in less time. Every business will require investment at some point so if you have the money to run facebook, twitter, linkedin or pinterest ads, it’s a good idea. However, i’ll advice you to get your pinterest VA business off the ground to gain experience before running ads. 

Promote using email list

As a pinterest VA, your email list is your asset. Studies has shown that email marketing has an ROI of $40 for every $1 invested. This shows that email marketing is the best form of online marketing when it comes to ROI. 

To maximize your marketing value, you need to build an email list and you can’t build an email list without having a blog or single – page website that contains your email opt in form. You can use lander app  or lead page to create an astonishing landing page.

When it comes to promoting your pinterest VA business, building an email list where you can connect with your clients directly is important.

However, if you already have an email list as a blogger, tell them about your service from time to time. Send them tips on how to promote their pinterest  and politely advertise your service along the line.

Final thought

On your journey as a pinterest VA, never give up because great things take time. Are you a pinterest VA or you’re just starting out? leave a comment. The comment box is also open for further contribution.

If you found this article helpful, i’d really appreciate if you’ll share it to help others.


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