Justin Bieber Sings ‘Lonely’ to Prisoners in L.A. County.

justin beiber

Click the image to watch video at TMZ

Justin Bieber and his pastor paid a visit to California State Prison in L.A. County to support the prison’s  faith-based programs.

Justin sang four of his hit songs including “LONEY”  which was released on October 15, 2020.

Lonely” is the latest song of Justin Bieber from his sixth studio album JUSTICE. He featured Benny Blanco and the  song was written by Justin Bieber, Benny Blanco and  Finneas.

The choice of the four songs he sang to the prisoners in L.A. County California was amazing. He chose slow tracks that can be perfectly backed up by acoustic guitar.

justin beiber

Washing the video at TMZ, i almost broke down to tears because it was so emotional couple with the fact that Justin Beiber is one of our favourite artist. 

justin bieber

This circle includes Justin Bieber with other group in the prison. They are sitting in this circle listening to speakers achieving the main aim of justin’s visit which is to spread the gospel.



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