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Video: Nicki Minaj shares rare video of his son “PapaBear” learning to walk


Video: Nicki Minaj shares rare video of his son “PapaBear” learning to walk

Nicki Minaj shared a short video of her son who she calls PapaBear ( she’s yet to reveal his real name) learning how to take his first step.

That man holding the baby is Kenneth Petty, Nicki Minaj husband.There are so many controversies surrounding Petty including being charged and convicted of First degree murder in 2006 when he shot and killed Lamant Robinson with a loaded handgun. 

Kenneth Petty and Nicki Minaj got married on 21 october 2019

Back to the story of Papabear leaning to walk, On Saturday, Nicki shared a video of  her 8-month-old baby boy trying to stand on his own with the help of her husband, Kenneth Petty.

“You trying to do all of that today?” Minaj said as she recorded Petty, 43, holding the pair’s son as the child adorably attempted to stand up by himself.

“You’re not trying to do all of that today?” she added. “Am I bothering you? You had it?”

The “Anaconda” singer went on to speak using her son baby voice,  “Mama I had it, leave me alone already please. I don’t got time for all of that mama”

Back in january, Nicki Minaj shared snapshots of her son on instagram, giving fans a glimpse of her son.

“#PapaBear thank you so very much for choosing me to be your mama 🎀🦄🙏 ,” she captioned a  loving tribute , which included photos of her newborn lounging in a 4Moms Momaroo, wearing adorable outfits and designer onesies. In one sweet snap, her baby even wore a “Papa Bear” necklace, in a nod to her affectionate nickname for him.

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“Becoming a mom is by far the most fulfilling job I’ve ever taken on,” she added. “Sending love to all the superhero mothers out there. Big hugs to all the women who have been pregnant during this challenging time.”

People: “During a Q&A on social media in late December, the rapper opened up about her  experience with motherhood  and shared new details about the day she gave birth to her baby boy.”

Minaj, who welcomed her son in September, revealed that her water broke after she had finished taking a shower and asked her husband to “rub [her] back.”

“As soon as I started scooting over to him in the bed, I just felt the water start coming out. I was weirdly calm and I quietly said ‘Omg, I’m about to be in labor,'” she  recalled .

Minaj went on to share that she was in labor “all night” and eventually gave birth with an epidural. “I pushed for 2½ hours. Only because first the epidural didn’t wear off enough for me to feel myself pushing. Once I was able to feel the pain I pushed him on out,” she explained.

Minaj gave birth to her baby on Sept. 30 in Los Angeles, a source previously confirmed to PEOPLE. She later  revealed the sex of her new addition  while raving about entering motherhood.

” I am so grateful and in love with my son ,” she shared. “Madly in love. My favorite liddo boy in the whole wide world.”

Inspirational Motherhood Quot

“Being a mama can be tough, but always remember in the eyes of your child, no one does it better than you.”

“If you’re worried about being a good mother, it means you already are one.”

“I see you there mama, trying your best. I see you showing up each day, even though you feel exhausted. I see you making tough choices for your family even when your not sure if they are right. I see you working tirelessly, even when it seems never ending. I see you doing an amazing job, even though you doubt yourself. I see you mama, and you are more than enough.”

“I’ve carried a child within my body. I’ve slept with them on my chest. I’ve kissed toes and wiped away tears. I’ve been vomited on, peed on, and spent sleepless nights cradling my child. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. My body isn’t magazine perfect but when I look in the mirror, I see a mama. And there is no greater honor, love or blessing.”

“As a mama i’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I forget things. I lose my cool. And somedays I go a little crazy. But, it’s okay because in the end, no one could ever love my child the way I do.”

“Being a mama isn’t always easy. The sleepless nights, the constant worry, the endless piles of washing. But no matter hard it feels, I will always show up for my children. I will always try my best. Because from the very first moment I held them in my arms, I knew my job was to protect and love them with all my might.”

“Whenever you’re feeling hopeless, hug your child. It’s amazing how they remind us our life is always full of love.”